100 Years Ago: Poster for a Vegetable Garden for Every Home, Canadian War Contingent Association

The Intelligencer March 10, 1917 (page 5)

“To City, Town and Village Dwellers in Ontario. What these boys do, you can do. Several hundred dollars worth of vegetables was the splendid contribution of the Broadview Y.M.C.A. boys of Toronto towards increase of food production last season. No wonder the boys proudly fly the British flag in their ‘Garden City’ and win fine compliments from everyone.

No army could fight very long on an empty stomach. Plentiful supplies of food must reach our heroes in France every day. Besides, there is all Canada to feed, and Great Britain depends largely upon us too. …  Boys, girls, grown-ups—everyone should help. Let the slogan for 1917 be ‘A vegetable garden for every home.’

Write for Poultry Bulletin—The high prices for eggs make a flock of poultry well worth while. They are not expensive to keep. In the average home the waste from the table is sufficient. …  Ontario Department of Agriculture.”

The Intelligencer March 10, 1917 (page 8)

“Canadian War Contingent Association. 56 Church Street, Toronto, March 8, 1917. Miss Falkiner, 62 West Bridge Street, Belleville, Ont. Dear Miss Falkiner: I have heard that you have formed a branch of the Canadian War Contingent Association in Belleville, and I write to tell you how glad I am to hear of this and to ask whether I can give you any assistance.

We had a cable from Mr. Colmer last week saying that the need of woollen comforts is urgent, especially socks, and that there are only one hundred and fifteen cases on the way to him, which, of course, will not go very far amongst the thousands of men at the front, but the chief need of the War Contingent is money, and I think it would be a good thing if you tried to get the men of the place interested as well as the ladies, and then you would stand more of a chance of getting cash subscriptions.

I should like the names of your officers. Yours sincerely, Adelaide A. Plumptree (sigd.) Secretary.

The head office of the Canadian War Contingent Association is at the Westminster Palace Hotel, Victoria Street, London, England. The Belleville branch C. W. C. A., 62 West Bridge St., continues to ship all consignments directly to the head office at the above address.”