100 Years Ago: Khaki Club Bids Farewell to 235th Battalion, David Ketcheson Is Improving, Ads for War Loan, Poster for Canadian Army in Action

The Intelligencer March 12, 1917 (page 2)

“On Saturday, March 3rd, the men of the 235th Battalion were given a farewell evening, at the Khaki Club. The musical programme was in charge of the Misses Grant assisted by Miss Aileen Jenkins. Bright songs and choruses were sung and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The officials of the Club provided and served the refreshments.

A splendid spirit of cheerfulness prevailed even though many a heart was sad; sincere regrets were expressed on all sides at having to say good-bye. The 235th Battalion will not be forgotten in Belleville, a finer, better behaved lot of men have never been in town. The singing of ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and ‘God Save The King’ brought the evening to a close at eleven o’clock.”

The Intelligencer March 12. 1917 (page 2)

“Mayor Ketcheson yesterday received the following telegram in reference to his son, Lieut. D. V. Ketcheson, who was recently wounded whilst doing his bit. The many friends of the popular Lieut. will be pleased to learn that he is no longer dangerously ill.

Ottawa, March 10, 1917. H. F. Ketcheson, 231 Albert Street, Belleville, Ont. Cable received today states Lieut. David Vanderwater Ketcheson, Infantry, officially reported no longer dangerously ill, March 9th, General Hospital, Gunshot wound, right arm and back.”

The Intelligencer March 12, 1917 (page 5)

“War Loan Dominion of Canada. Issue of $150,000,000 5% Bonds Maturing 1st March, 1937. Department of Finance, Ottawa.

The New War Loan. A Safe and Attractive Investment. Lend Your Money to Your Country. John Stark & Co. Toronto.

War Loan. The present loan, having regard to its object, its yield, its period and its wide market, makes an irresistible appeal to the pride, the patriotism and the business instinct of all Canadians. A. E. Ames & Co. Toronto.

A Call to Lend! You get 5.40 per Annum. Wood, Gundy & Co. Toronto.”

The Intelligencer March 12, 1917 (page 6)

“The Canadian Army in Action and the Advance of the Tanks. The Behemoth of Modern Battles, The British Tank, Has Revolutionized Man’s Conception of War on Land. To-day and To-morrow. Matinee and Night. Two Matinee Performances. To-morrow, 2.30.

School Children’s Matinee 4.30. Admission for Children 10¢. Two Performances Nightly—7.45 and 9.00. Will be presented the official film of the Canadian War Record Office, showing the Canadian Army in Action in France, and the Advance of the Tanks as photographed for motion pictures September 15 and 16, 1916, at the Battle of Courcelette, and issued by authority to the people of Canada as a record of the bravery of her soldiers and a tribute to their glory.

Under the Auspices of The Belleville Intelligencer. Griffin’s Theatre.”