100 Years Ago: Marriage and Birth Certificates Required for Patriotic Fund Allowances, Another Teacher Receives Wrist Watch on Enlistment, Applications for Farm Help

The Intelligencer April 7, 1917 (page 5)

“Little Chance of Beating The Fund Now. Ottawa. It will be a hard matter for anyone in future to defraud the Canadian Patriotic Fund by making false statements as to the number of children dependent on them when applying for relief.

Circulars have been sent from headquarters here to all soldiers’ dependents who are drawing from the fund, asking them to forward marriage certificates, and in the case where allowances are drawn for children, birth certificates must also be furnished. …

In order not to make this demand too hard on the soldiers’ families here, the officials state that in the case where a child was born in Ontario, and the mothers can furnish the date and place of birth, they need have no further worry over the matter if they will send these particulars in, as the fund officials will communicate with the Registrar-General and secure the necessary date from him.

It is pointed out by the officials that, far from being a hardship on soldiers’ families, this necessity of furnishing certificates is a good thing for them, as, should they be faced with the necessity of applying for pensions they must furnish certificates in any case.”

The Intelligencer April 7, 1917 (page 6)

“Assistant Principal Presented with Watch. On Wednesday afternoon the pupils of Queen Alexandra School assembled in the Assembly Room of the school for the purpose of saying good-bye to Mr. Bullock, the Assistant Principal of the school, who has enlisted with the Cobourg Heavy Battery for overseas service.

An address was read by Master Ralph Smith, and a wrist watch was presented by Miss Madeline Duesberrry. Mr. Bullock replied in a most appropriate manner, expressing regret that he was severing his connections with the school at present.

The address was as follows: Dear Mr. Bullock:—The staff and pupils of Queen Alexandra School, wish to express their regrets at your departure from us at Easter. You will be missed not only by your class and at the morning assemblage, but by the boys on the playgrounds as well.

We are proud of the fact that a member of our staff is going to take part in the great struggle. Our best wishes for your success will go with you, and we shall look forward to the time when you will return and take up your work among us again. …  Thursday afternoon before the closing of the school for the Easter holidays, a social time was spent in the assembly room by the girls and boys of the fourth class. Mr. Bullock and the members of the staff were present. The pupils rendered a number of choruses, after which taffy generously provided by the girls, was partaken of.”

The Intelligencer April 7, 1917 (page 10)

“To the farmers of Ontario Your farm help problem!

The Ontario Government appreciates the patriotic efforts of the farmers of Ontario, who are making a noble contribution to the cause of victory by responding earnestly to the appeal for increased production. It realizes that these efforts are limited only by the shortage of farm help, and it desires to afford every possible assistance in order to increase the number of workers on the land this season.

If you want to apply for farm help, all you have to do is to fill in the application below, cut it out and mail it to Ontario Government Public Employment Bureau.”