100 Years Ago: Canadians at Vimy Ridge, United States Joins Allied Cause

The Intelligencer April 10, 1917 (page 1)

“Canadians Completely Occupy Famous Vimy Ridge. General Haig’s Troops Capture 9,000 Men and 40 Guns.”

The Intelligencer April 10, 1917 (page 4)

“A Brilliant Leap. Words can scarcely express the satisfaction felt in all entente countries, and particularly in Great Britain, at the latest, and most definite, step taken by the United States Government, i.e. the swinging of America, with all her resources into line with the Allied cause.

True, for the past two and a half years our neighbor has rendered material assistance in the manufacture of war supplies, granting of heavy loans, and in ways not publicly expressed; but the crucial step has been withheld …  because of a desire to shield her people from the horrors that inevitably follow the unsheathing of the sword. …  That the greatest republic on earth will give a glowing account of herself is accepted by all who are in harmony with a righteous cause.”