100 Years Ago: Excellent System of Handling the Wounded, Ad for Canadian Defence Force

The Intelligencer April 19, 1917 (page 1)

“Excellent System of Handling the Wounded. Canadian Headquarters in France (via London). Now that the lists of casualties from the actions of the last week are beginning to appear in the Canadian press, it may bring solace to the sad hearts to know how carefully the wounded were handled and how reverently the dead were buried.

Hospital arrangements were made to handle far more than the number actually wounded. Extra ambulances were provided at the front and many supplementary dressing stations were opened. There was little congestion anywhere. Over two thousand of the wounded on the first day were so lightly hit that they were able to walk back to the stations without aid.

Despite the extraordinary condition of the ground over which the advance was made, the stretcher bearers found and brought out practically all the wounded before nightfall each day. In only a few cases, where the wounded lay in deep shell holes and had not sufficient strength to make their presence known to the search parties, did they remain in the field over night.”

The Intelligencer April 19, 1917 (page 2)

“To All Men of Military Age in Belleville. Owing to the Overseas units in Canada being rushed to England as quickly as transportation permits we will shortly find our Country without any Defence Force.

With a view to being prepared for any emergency that may arise, our Government has issued a call for 50,000 men to replace these men sent Overseas.

You can carry on your regular work and still prepare yourself for any emergency that may arise. For the present, each man will drill three nights a week, and it is expected to complete your training at camp starting about the 1st of June.

Won’t you let us hear from you at once. Our offices are in the Corby Building, and we will be pleased to give you any further information on the subject. Come and see us and ease your conscience. E. D. O’Flynn, Major, C., 15th Regt., C.D.F.”