100 Years Ago: Canadian Casualties, Three Months’ Pay for Soldiers and Nurses After Discharge

The Intelligencer April 20, 1917 (page 1)

“Casualties Among Canadian Troops.

Wounded—G. Empey, Belleville; C. L. Bashaw, Frankford; W. Smith, Deseronto; H. Brooks, Trenton; G. Samuel, Trenton; A. Youngs, Trenton; A. A. Mindlee, Coe Hill; J. F. York, Marlbank.

Died of Wounds—S. A. Mindle, Coe Hill.

Presumed to Have Died—Wm. H. McConnachie, Belleville.”

The Intelligencer April 20, 1917 (page 7)

“Three Months’ Pay for Soldiers After Discharge. Ottawa. Every soldier of whatever rank, who has served six months, a portion of which has been overseas is to receive a grant of three months’ pay and allowances of the rank which he held when honorably discharged. This important decision was made by the Government yesterday.

The object of the extra pay is to keep the soldier in funds during a period in which he may be expected by reasonable effort to find employment, and be re-absorbed into the industrial life of the community. There have been many cases of hardship after discharge and the new order will to a very large extent remedy the conditions.

Nurses will participate in the grant upon the same terms as soldiers and the grant in all cases includes separation allowance as well as pay.”