100 Years Ago: Flag Over St. Thomas’ Church, Recruiting Returns

The Intelligencer June 4, 1917 (page 5)

“Flag Floats Over Church Tower. On Sunday morning the service of dedicating and unfurling of a Union Jack took place at St. Thomas’ church in this city. The flag and staff had been donated by members of the parish, and in accordance with Old Country customs the staff was erected on the church tower.

The choir and congregation marched out in front of the church at the opening of the service, while appropriate hymns were sung. Prayers of dedication were pronounced by the rector, Archdeacon Beamish. Mayor Ketcheson, one of the wardens, in accepting the gift, publicly thanked the donors, and said that it was a particularly fitting ceremony for the birthday of his Majesty the King.”

The Intelligencer June 4, 1917 (page 5)

“Military News. Recruiting returns from the Third Military District for the past two weeks show a large increase over the returns for the previous period, and staff officers at Barriefield camp are well satisfied with the result of the efforts of the various recruiting officers in the district.

A total of 536 men were enrolled during the period, being an increase of 200 over the previous period. That this is due, in a large measure, to conscription talk is acknowledged on all sides. All the recruits are of good physique and will make good soldiers.”