100 Years Ago: Poster for Y.M.C.A. Campaign, Belleville Cheese Board Branch of Red Cross

The Intelligencer June 5, 1917 (page 5)

“Belleville Wants $5,000 for Overseas Y.M.C.A. Work. Have You Given Your Share? Thursday, June 7th, is Your Opportunity! The Ladies Will Canvas Every Home. Be Ready for Them!”

The Intelligencer June 5, 1917 (page 5)

“Canadian Red Cross Society. Belleville Cheese Board Branch—Report For May, 1917. Letters acknowledging shipments have been received to-day from Hospitals and Associations; a few of which are appended:

From Lady Jekyell, Chairman: St. John Ambulance Society. To Mrs. J. A. McFee: Dear Madam and Members of the Belleville Cheese Board District Branch, C. R. C. S., ‘On behalf of the Ladies’ Committee of the Order of St. John of which Her Majesty the Queen is President, I write to acknowledge and thank you most warmly for the useful contribution you have so kindly sent. The calls for hospital requirements, clothing and comforts for the sick and wounded at home, and abroad, are so numerous and urgent that all gifts are most gratefully received. We cordially thank you for your sympathy and contributions, which we are very glad to receive and which have reached us safely. Yours faithfully, (Sgd.) Agnes Jeykell, Chairman.’

From Belgian Relief: ‘A box from Belleville came this morning, containing pyjamas, shirts, night shirts, socks and a quilt. These articles are all most beautifully made, and it is a great pleasure to receive such a contribution. Will you please give the grateful thanks of the Committee to the workers of the Societies who have so kindly assisted us to fill our cases. Very sincerely yours, Ladies’ Committee, (Sgd.), (Miss) M. Cory, Cor. Sec.’

From Lady Perley, Chairman. The Canadian War Contingent Association: ‘I have to advise you that the four cases of supplies of which you advised me have now been received and unpacked. Everything came through in excellent condition, and I am directed to convey through you, to your branches, the grateful thanks of the Committee for your welcome gift. Sincerely yours, (Sgd.) Milly Perley, Chairman, Ladies’ Committee, C. W. C. A.’ “