100 Years Ago: Red Cross Penny Bags Report, Ad for Kingston Cotton Mill Workers

The Intelligencer June 6, 1917 (page 2)

“The Red Cross Penny Bags. In February, 1916, Miss Green, Superintendent of the Belleville Hospital, and band of ‘Red Cross Workers’ distributed amongst themselves and a few friends little white bags with a red cross sewn upon them, with the object of collecting small amounts to assist in buying the materials they were making up into hospital supplies, to be sent through the Belleville Women’s Red Cross and Patriotic Association, to the hospitals overseas that were caring for the wounded heroes who are fighting and dying for our freedom, safety and peace.

Recognizing the possibilities of this system, in a wider field, the scheme was handed over to the association and a committee of four, comprising of Mrs. George Bonisteel, Mrs. Seymour, Mrs. Chapman and Miss Mary Yeomans, met together to organize the city into districts, with ward convenors and collectors. …

The bags were made by members of the different knitting circles and other interested ladies, and in the year about 4,000 have been distributed in the various homes in Belleville, the desire being that all of the occupants of each home, rich or poor, from the youngest to the oldest, should put in their pennies. …  We want to thank the people of Belleville generally, and particularly the little children, who have been so interested in ‘doing the bit’ possible to them in this work. …

We want to thank the newspapers, which have, perhaps, done more than anything else to keep up the public interest. …  we still want to press on to our aim of $300 per month. This will be more difficult than last year, as during the past two months a separate association has been formed in West Belleville, which is raising funds by means of monthly collections in blue bags.”

The Intelligencer June 6, 1917 (page 6)

“WANTED! Cotton Mill Workers for Kingston, Ontario. We have positions open for experienced Cotton Mill workers at our Kingston, Ontario, Plant. Entire families can be employed, and we will arrange transportation where necessary. Steady work. Clean Mills.

Write and tell us your experience or apply direct at once to Employment Bureau, Dominion Textile Company, Limited, Kingston, Ontario.”