100 Years Ago: Poster for War Savings Certificates

The Intelligencer June 23, 1917 (page 1)

“When You Market Consider Your Less Fortunate Neighbor. The well-to-do woman who sits at her phone and orders provisions lavishly, regardless of price, is abusing the power of money as a bully abuses brute strength!

No longer can we help ourselves as we see fit from an unlimited food supply—we are either limiting our buying to our own real needs or ‘hogging’ someone else’s share.

Extravagant buying by those who can afford it, with waste in some kitchens, and excess at some tables, will inevitably bring still greater hardships to those who cannot afford the prices, and hunger to those who must live on less.

Buy for your household as carefully and economically as your husband buys for his factory, store or office. Study food values as well as prices—make it a point to know just what you are getting—eliminate waste—and you’ll find that you can feed your family well on far less than you spend now.

Invest the saving in Canadian War Savings Certificates and you will be doubling your service to the nation. The National Service Board of Canada, Ottawa.”