100 Years Ago: Income Tax May Be Graded, Major Jack Templeton Arrives Home

The Intelligencer June 25, 1917 (page 1)

“Income Tax May Be Graded. Ottawa. Sir Thomas White, Finance Minister, in his speech on the Conscription Bill gave a broad hint at income tax. He said he thought that much of the agitation for the so-called conscription of wealth had arisen from the fact that in every town and city there were to be found a few men who were both rich and close, and were not contributing to the Patriotic Fund.

‘I will say to this House that if I can make them contribute I will do it,’ said the Minister amid applause. ‘I am not sure that it would not be well in connection with income taxation, if we bring it down, that men should be exempted to the extent of their contribution to Patriotic and Red Cross funds because if you impose taxation you will stop—not altogether, but to some extent—the free flow of voluntary giving to these funds.”

The Intelligencer June 25, 1917 (page 2)

“Major Templeton Arrives Home. Major Jack Templeton, a well known Bellevillian, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Templeton of this city is at present here with his parents enjoying a well earned rest. The Major was a member of the 3rd Canadian Pioneer Battalion, which went from Victoria B. C. Recently he returned to Canada on leave direct from France after nearly two years of active service along the front line.

The gallant Major was wounded in the body by shrapnel in May 1915, but returned to France after about six months in hospital in England. He arrived in Canada some time ago and has been recuperating at Chatham and Brockville previous to coming to Belleville. The Major is naturally pleased to be back again to his native town with his parents and to renew acquaintances.”