100 Years Ago: Mayor Calls for Observation of Fiftieth Anniversary of Confederation, New Canadian Food Controller Reviews Situation, Proclamation of Jubilee of Confederation

The Intelligencer June 29, 1917 (page 1)

“Mayor Calls on People to Observe Fiftieth Anniversary of Confederation. As will be noticed from the advertisement on another page, His Worship Mayor Ketcheson has issued a proclamation to the loyal and patriotic people of Belleville to duly observe Monday, the 2nd day of July, as a holiday and a day of supreme and religious recognition and patriotic demonstration.

He also announces that this celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Confederation is to be marked by a parade of the Army and Navy Veterans, School Cadets, and the band, which will form up at the Armouries and proceed up Front Street to the upper bridge and then return to the Armouries. Short addresses will then be delivered by Sir Mackenzie Bowell and the Mayor.

His Worship invites all citizens to be present on this occasion, to display flags, bunting and other decorations at their homes and places of business in honor of the event. Mayor Ketcheson is to be commended for his enterprise, and it is to be hoped the citizens will enter heartily into the spirit of the occasion.”

The Intelligencer June 29, 1917 (page 1)

“Allied Armies Must Be Supplied with Food. Stop Waste in Canada. Ottawa. In a statement issued last night, Hon. W. J. Hanna, the newly appointed food controller, reviews the food situation in Canada, emphasizes the need of the allies, urges economy and the prevention of waste in food and bespeaks whole-hearted public co-operation. …

Great Britain, France, Italy, Belgium and their European allies are wholly unable to supply the allied armies at the front and on the way. …  Their food shortage and the food to supply the armies of Canada and the United States must be wholly provided from this side of the Atlantic. …

There must be national self-denial and national co-operation to provide the necessary supplies. …  these are some measures that are so obviously right that we ask that they be adopted at once and that the men and women of the Dominion pledge themselves to their observance.

They include: USE PERISHABLE GOODS. Maximum production. The largest possible consumption of perishable foodstuffs in order to liberate the storeable foods for transportation. The adoption of war menus. The prevention of food waste.

STOP FOOD WASTE. Food is being wasted in the stores, hotels, restaurants, clubs and homes of the Dominion. It is the duty of every citizen dealing in or preparing and serving food to adopt measures which will eliminate waste entirely. …

APPEAL TO CHURCHES. Public realization of the true food position is imperative. We make an earnest appeal to the churches of the Dominion to lay the facts and the needs of the situation strongly before their congregations.

The soldiers at the front expect the men and women of Canada to do their share in providing the necessary food. They must not be disappointed. …  Food conservation is essential to win the war.”

The Intelligencer June 29, 1917 (page 2)

“Celebration of the Jubilee of Confederation. H. F. Ketcheson, Esq., Mayor of The City of Belleville. Whereas His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor has proclaimed Sunday, the 1st day of July next, as a day of solemn and religious recognition by our people of the benefits and blessings which have been vouchsafed to us by Providence, as a Dominion, and urges and requests that all churches and Sunday Schools and associations of a like character fittingly commemorate the occasion to the end that as a people we may offer our tribute of gratitude to Almighty God, as well as our supplications for the continued welfare of the nation.

And whereas His Honor has further proclaimed Monday, the 2nd day of July next, as a day for public and patriotic demonstrations of the devotion of the people to our national institutions and ideals, and for that purpose calls upon all municipal authorities, educational and patriotic organizations to arrange local demonstrations in suitable places. …

In compliance with this proclamation I, as Mayor of the City of Belleville, do now most respectfully ask the wholehearted assistance of the citizens in responding to the requests of His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor, as above set forth. …  Mayor’s Office, Belleville, June 28, 1917. GOD SAVE THE KING.”