100 Years Ago: Confederation Celebrated at St. Andrew’s Church, Nursing Sister Geen Returning

The Intelligencer July 5, 1917 (page 1)

“Confederation was celebrated in the ‘Old Kirk’ on Sunday afternoon when a service of song and responsive readings was supplemented by addresses by Rev. A. S. Kerr, Rev. E. C. Currie, Wm. McIntosh, W. J. Campbell and Col. W. N. Ponton. Incidental to the reading of the Roll of Honor of the church, which was unveiled by Col. Ponton, the King’s Military Medal, won by Private Brooks, and inscribed ‘For Bravery in the Field,’ was presented through his two sisters who were present.

Nine of the sons of St. Andrew’s have fallen in the war. The church was beautifully decorated and the service was most impressive. The choir sang as anthem, ‘Lest We Forget,’ and ‘We Stand on Guard for Thee.’ ”

The Intelligencer July 5, 1917 (page 6)

“Nursing Sister Geen, C.A.M.C., has left Halifax for Quebec, with returning soldiers. As soon as duty permits she will leave for Belleville. Miss Geen was one of the first nurses to go on duty. Before the beginning of the war she had graduated from the Military Hospital at Halifax, and was one of the few military nurses in Canada when the call came. She has had much experience in England, France and Belgium recently and was near Ypres, close to the line where German shells were falling.”