100 Years Ago: Confederation Jubilee Celebrated, Tag Day Total Rises to $900, Soldier’s Widow Appointed to Post Office, Historical Poster in McKeown’s Drug Store Window

The Intelligencer July 3, 1917 (page 1)

“The Jubilee of Confederation was fittingly commemorated in Belleville by patriotic citizens. The thought foremost in all minds and the dominating note in the commemoration of this important event in Canadian history was the great war being waged for the life of the Empire and freedom of the world from the threat of German military domination.

In all churches Sunday appropriate reference was made to the fiftieth anniversary of the Confederation of Canada and the duties and responsibilities of nationhood in this critical time.

On Monday the civic commemoration of the Jubilee of Confederation took the form of a public parade, followed by brief addresses. The parade formed up at the armouries and headed by the I.O.O.F. band, marched along the principal streets. The line-up included the Public School Cadets, officers and members of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, now being enrolled here for service overseas, veterans of the present war invalided home to Canada after participating in the battles of the Empire overseas, some of them walking and others whose disabilities prevented their walking, riding in motor cars. Veterans of the Fenian Raid, South African war and Northwest Rebellion, proudly wearing their medals of active service, also took part in the parade. …

The streets were lined with citizens and enthusiastic cheers greeted the procession as it moved along the streets. Returning to the Armouries brief addresses were made by Mayor Ketcheson and Sir Mackenzie Bowell which were greatly appreciated by the large number present and liberally applauded. …

Sir Mackenzie Bowell was greeted with enthusiastic cheers showing that the veteran statesman still retains the respect and esteem of the citizens of Belleville, which has been his during the many years of his active and useful life and public service. …  Particularly appropriate was the presence and address of Sir Mackenzie Bowell on this occasion. A member of the first Parliament after Confederation he bridged the years of Canada’s fifty years of development into a strong young nation, bearing his ninety-four years of life with a youthful vigor, matured and active mentally and still erect physique he typified strong and vigorous Canadianism, ever alert and progressive along lines dictated by the highest ideals of nationhood.”

The Intelligencer July 3, 1917 (page 5)

“Funds For War Veterans’ Club. The total collections altogether will amount to $900, which in itself bears out the patriotic spirit of the people of Belleville and vicinity.

Great credit is due to the Argyle, Quinte and St. Julien Chapters of the I.O.D.E. of this city, who, with their assistants, made every effort to make the day a success. They allowed no person to escape, and many people volunteered three or four times to buy the badges during the day.

Late in the afternoon a telegram was received by the president of the Great War Veterans Association from Mr. E. Guss Porter, K.C., M.P., who is now at Mt. Clemens, Mich., stating that he was pleased to donate $100 to the fund. With collections, this brought the total up to $844, and Saturday evening Mrs. R. J. Graham kindly contributed $56, making a grand total of $900.

The Great War Veterans of Belleville take this opportunity of expressing their sincere thanks to the ladies of the I.O.D.E. and their many kind helpers and also to those people who kindly responded so generously to their patriotic appeal.”

The Intelligencer July 3, 1917 (page 5)

“Appointed to Position. Word has been received here that Mrs. Mary E. Hyman, of this city, widow of the late Lieut. Eugene Hyman, has been appointed stamp vendor at the Belleville Post Office. The late Lieut. Hyman was killed at Courcellette.”

The Intelligencer July 3, 1917 (page 5)

“Historical Poster. In the window of the McKeown drug store is an interesting page in Belleville history in the form of a full sheet poster advertising the celebration of Dominion Day, 1878, and the inauguration of Belleville as a city. A feature of the procession participation is by the 15th and 49th Battalions, 500 firemen and military and I.O.O.F. bands, a programme of sports, torchlight procession and fireworks.

A banquet at the Dafoe House was advertised to begin at 6 p.m. and from the menu and wine list announced it promised to continue for some time. The poster bears the name of Alex. Robertson, Mayor; Morgan Jellett, Honorary Treasurer; D. B. Robertson; Honorary Secretary, D. Price; and James St. Charles, Chairman of committees.”