100 Years Ago: Embargo on Canned Goods, Stirling Men Harvest Again, Royal Flying Corps Leave Deseronto for Texas, Complaints in 3rd Military District, Merchants Bank Offers Free Depository for War Bonds

The Intelligencer August 24, 1917 (page 1)

“Toronto. Green garden produce must be substituted on the tables of the Canadian consumer, for canned corn, peas and tomatoes. An embargo on the use of canned goods was issued by the Food Controller, Hon. W. J. Hanna, yesterday, after a conference with the Dominion Canners’ Association and wholesale and retail grocers.

The order becomes effective at once and remains in force in the territory east of Sault Ste. Marie until October 15. West of Sault Ste. Marie it ceases on October 1.

‘Housewives have been using too much can-opener and too little cookstove,’ said Mr. Hanna to the press yesterday. ‘Their domestic science has not taught them that there is a difference. We want them to use more cook-stove and less can-opener.’ And this epigrammatic description of the Food Controller’s means the elimination of much waste, as every market-gardener in the Dominion to-day knows.”

The Intelligencer August 24, 1917 (page 2)

“Half-Holiday on Farm. About forty of the male population of the Village of Stirling spent the half-holiday yesterday in helping farmers in the vicinity to stock up their cut grain, and report a splendid afternoon’s work which they thoroughly enjoyed.”

The Intelligencer August 24, 1917 (page 2)

“Fliers Go South. It is said that the Royal Flying Corps will be leaving Canada in a few weeks and take up new camps near Dallas, Texas. This statement will prove very interesting though not pleasant for thousands of people in this district, who have made many friends at the Deseronto camps.

This spring The Royal Flying Corps established two camps near Deseronto. One was on the Mohawk Reserve which was made into the Mohawk Camp and the other was on the Rathbun farm just back of the town. This has since been called the Rathbun Camp.

Last year the aviators near Toronto tried flying in the cool weather. The high altitudes proved so disagreeable that the camp was moved from Long Branch to Texas and Florida. This is the reason for the change and to save any loss of time the arrangements will be completed as soon as possible.”

The Intelligencer August 24, 1917 (page 7)

“In Regard to Complaints. Col. G. Hunter Ogilvie, A.A.G., of the 3rd Military District has informed the different places in the district that any complaints of discharged soldiers, and friends or relatives of soldiers, concerning reports of casualties, pay of soldiers, separation allowance and assigned pay payable to soldiers’ wives, and kindred subjects should be referred to district headquarters for investigation.

The military authorities keenly desire to hear of complaints promptly, in order that they may be inquired into and rectified, if such is necessary, wit least possible delay. No special address is necessary when sending a complaint, but, any letter addressed ‘District Headquarters’ will invariably find the way into the right hands.”

The Intelligencer August 24, 1917 (page 8)

“The Merchants Bank of Canada, Belleville. Free Depository for War Bonds.

By keeping these negotiable bonds in your home you are needlessly assuming the risk of loss by fire or theft. We shall be glad to allow you the free use of our vaults where your War Bonds may be placed in safe-keeping. The War Bond coupons will also be cashed and placed to your credit as they mature, if you so instruct.

N. D. MacFadyen, Manager Belleville Branch.”