100 Years Ago: British Red Cross Tea, Victory War Loan, Mayor Ketcheson Announces Date for British Red Cross Collection, Poster on Exemption Tribunals

The Intelligencer October 20, 1917 (page 2)

“For the British Red Cross. The Quinte Chapter I.O.D.E. gave a very successful tea on Wednesday afternoon last in the beautiful rooms of the Belleville Club. A large number were present, and the sum of one hundred and ten dollars was realized. The proceeds will be given to the British Red Cross fund.”

The Intelligencer October 20, 1917 (page 2)

“Victory War Loan. Ald. W. B. Deacon of this city, chairman for Hasting’s County Victory War Loan, with Mr. W. B. Evans, executive organizer, paid a visit to Trenton and succeeded in forming a strong committee in that town to handle the war loan matter.

Ald. Deacon also visited Deseronto, and Major Rixon, as chairman, was chosen as the presiding officer of a committee of citizens in that town.”

The Intelligencer October 20, 1917 (page 2)

“Belleville British Red Cross. His Worship Mayor Ketcheson has fixed the date for the collection for the British Red Cross for Thursday, November 1. An organization meeting for a thorough canvass covering the city will be held in the Council Chamber on Monday evening, October 22nd, at 8 p.m. All citizens are invited to attend.”

The Intelligencer October 20, 1917 (page 10)

Poster on exemption tribunals“Exemption Tribunals. Exemption Boards have been chosen in such a way as to make them absolutely independent and removed from all influence. There are over 1,250 boards throughout the country, each composed of two men, one appointed by the county judge in the district concerned and one selected by a joint committee of Parliament. Being familiar with local conditions where they sit, the members are well-fitted to appreciate such reasons for exemption as are put before them by men called up.

Exemption may be applied for by the men selected themselves or by their parents, near relatives or employers. Issued by The Military Service Council.”