100 Years Ago: King Requests Special Day of Prayer, Exemption Board at Work

The Intelligencer November 9, 1917 (page 1)

“Special Day of Prayer. London. The King has addressed a letter ‘To My People’ appointing Sunday, January 6th, as ‘A special day of prayer and thanksgiving in all the churches throughout my dominions.’ The King says: ‘The world-wide struggle for the triumph of right and liberty is entering upon its last and most difficult phase. The enemy is striving by desperate assault and submarine intrigue to perpetuate the wrong already committed, and to stem the tide of a free civilization. We have yet to complete the great task to which more than three years ago we dedicated ourselves.

At such a time I would call upon you to devote a special day to prayer, that we may have the clear-sightedness and strength necessary to the victory of our cause.’ ”

The Intelligencer November 9, 1917 (page 2)

“Exemption Board Is At Work. At the court house the local exemption tribunal composed of Judge Wills, Col. S. S. Lazier and Major P. K. Ketcheson, were in session yesterday and to-day, and the members were busy considering oral application for exemption. This class of work will be continued to-day. These first three days session of the Board are taken up in instructing applicants for exemption to apply for registration first, and after the close of the registration board the examining of claims for exemption will be taken up in earnest. …

It is expected that the work of the board will increase as the days go by, getting heavier towards the close of the period allotted for hearing of the applications.”