100 Years Ago: Sinclair’s Ad for Victory Bonds, Poster for Victory Loan Rally, Publicity Committee Meets for Victory Loan Campaign

The Intelligencer November 10, 1917 (page 2)

Sinclair's ad for Victory Bonds“Sinclair’s Will Help You Buy Victory Bonds. Best Investment in The World! Best Returns On Your Money. Best Cause in Civilization’s History.

If You Will Buy Your Ladies; and Children’s Garments, also Staple & Fancy Dry Goods at Sinclair’s you will Save Money. And this real saving will help you to Buy Victory Bonds. And By So Doing Help Win the War! Sinclair’s.”

The Intelligencer November 10, 1917 (page 3)

Poster for Victory Loan Rally“Victory Loan Rally! City Hall, Nov. 12, 8 P. M.

Speakers: Rev. J. R. Patterson, Toronto; His Honor, Justice Maston, Toronto; Sir Mackenzie Bowell, Belleville; J. W. Johnson, M.P.P.

Singers: The Quinte Male Quartette: E. A. Mouck, E. Mooreman, S. R. Burrows, Ted Austin; Tenor Soloist: Prof. Staples & others.

I.O.O.F. Band under direction of Chas Hanna.

When the lights go out get under cover at the City Hall and hear all about Victory Bonds.”

The Intelligencer November 10, 1917 (page 4)

“One Million Dollars from Hastings County. Last night in the Victory Loan Headquarters the members of the Hastings County Victory Loan Publicity Committee met to organize for the purpose of keeping the people of this county alive to the necessity of subscribing for Victory Loans, and of seeing that the other fellow does likewise, and then buy more, and more yet. No let up will occur until Hastings county has passed its objective, $800,000.00, and goes to the million mark. …

Hastings County is the largest county, in area, in the Province of Ontario, and every inch of this county will be covered by the activities of the Publicity Committee. Public meetings will be held, posters displayed, banners flown, literature distributed so that no home in the county will be in ignorance of its country’s call for financial assistance.

Every child in the schools, and every student will know the details of the Loan so that they can go home and explain it all to their parents. …

On Monday evening at 7.30, all the street lights in the city will be turned off for five minutes, this will give the citizens time to think of where to go to have light shed on the advantages of the Victory Loan, and eight o’clock should see the City Hall packed to the door, to hear the speakers who will be there for the purpose of explaining the Victory Loan, and others who will entertain.

At 9 o’clock on Monday morning all whistles will be blown; the church bells rung and every form of noise imaginable will proclaim to the people of Belleville that the campaign for One Million Dollars will commence in Hastings County.”