100 Years Ago: Victory Loan Totals Still Climbing, Thomas Smith Wounded

The Intelligencer November 17, 1917 (pages 1, 8)

“City Doing Fine County Stronger. Belleville has passed its objective and the county is doing stronger every day, so next week should see us well on to the million mark. …

The film ‘Miss Canada,’ advertising The Victory Loan, and having Sir Thomas White as one of the principal actors has arrived and will be shown tonight in both of the Griffin’s Theatres. This picture contains 700 feet of film, and is most interesting. With every 25 cent seat bought at Griffin’s Bridge St. house a coupon will be given, and on Saturday night, Nov. 24th at 9 o’clock a man from the audience will pull a number from a hat, if the one holding that lucky number is in the audience he or she will be presented with a $50.00 Victory Bond. If not another number will be pulled until one is found with a corresponding number in the audience. Mr. Griffin is giving away $5,000 worth of Victory Bonds in his several houses, by special permission.”

The Intelligencer November 17, 1917 (page 8)

“Pte. Thomas Smith Reported Wounded. Ottawa, Nov. 16th, 1917. Mr. Wm. Smith, 8 King St. west, Belleville. Sincerely regret to inform you that 636357, Pte. Thomas Smith, infantry, reported admitted to 6th Field Ambulance Depot, November 6th, 1917, gunshot wound left arm (fractured).

Pte. Smith, who is a young man well-known in the city, enlisted and went overseas with the 155th Battalion.”