100 Years Ago: Belleville and County Report Well for Victory Loan, Poster for Victory Loan

The Intelligencer November 28, 1917 (page 3)

“Hastings Approaches Million and Half Mark. There was a meeting of the workers of Belleville at the Headquarters last night, and every man was present. Mayor Ketcheson occupied the chair, and it was decided that from now until the end of the week every man would put aside all considerations and get right down to hustling, so that the city would be combed clean. It is impossible to set a further objective for the good old City of Belleville. We don’t know where it will stop. The sky is the limit. Yesterday was one of the best days yet reported from the City and County. …

Stirling and Rawdon have been doing consistent buying throughout the campaign, and show that the workers out there, Dr. Bissonnette of Stirling, Thos. Montgomery, Reeve of Rawdon, and T. J. Thompson of Rawdon, have been going some. They have reported every day since the campaign started, and they are bringing home the bacon. Hard work counts every time.

Deseronto also came across with $13,100 yesterday. Tommy Naylor and Mayor Rixon are the responsible parties, and we reckon they are going to be some finishers. Go to it. Your country needs the money.”

The Intelligencer November 28, 1917 (page 5)

Poster for Victory Loan Campaign“Victory Bonds for Christmas. What about that boy of yours? —that girl of yours?—your wife—your mother?

A gift of Victory Bonds works three ways: The recipient will appreciate it and be benefited; You have the pleasure of making a valuable gift; Also you will render a patriotic service to Canada.

And, are you going to give a bonus to your employees this Christmas? If you are, why not make it in the form of Victory Bonds, fully or partially paid, as you can afford in each case? Victory Bonds are a little better than cash and Canada needs the money.

Only Three Days Left. Lists Close Midnight Saturday Night.”