100 Years Ago: Hastings Works for Victory Loan, Poster for Victory Loan, Wartime Election, Poster for Victory Loan, Holiday Post Office Jobs, Ernest Finkle Wounded

The Intelligencer November 27, 1917 (page 1)

“Hastings Digs Down for Victory Loan. The first week’s contest for a Victory Loan at Griffin’s Opera House was concluded Saturday night, and Mr. W. B. Deacon, County Chairman, and Mr. W. L. Doyle, County Publicity Manager, were there on behalf of the Victory Loan Committee. Mr. Deacon gave the very large audience present a good strong talk on the necessity of buying Victory Bonds. …

Mr. Doyle then drew the lucky number, which was 1518, and was held by Mrs. Geo. H. Taylor, 110 Pinnacle Street. Mrs. Taylor upon her appearance on the stage to receive her bond was greeted with enthusiastic applause showing that the decree of fate had been a popular one. The Griffin Company will present another $50.00 bond on Saturday night next. …

Last evening a number of the office staff of the County Headquarters, Canada’s Victory Loan, together with a few interested friends, had the pleasure of attending a unique gathering in the school house of No. 23 School Section, Sidney Township. The splendid programme put on by the teacher and scholars was to celebrate their investment in a Victory Bond. The crowded school house gave unmistakable evidence of the interest of the whole neighborhood in so auspicious an event.

So far as known this is the first school to take such a step and the clever young teacher, Miss Grace Sine of Frankford, is to be congratulated on so happy a thought, combining as it does a patriotic duty and a fine opportunity of educating the young people in the principles of true citizenship and sound business.”

The Intelligencer November 27, 1917 (page 1)

Poster for Victory Loan“Let your children join the crusade. Every one of the Victory Bonds is a weapon that cannot fail to hit the Kaiser. Arm your child! And when he or she is a little older—back comes the ‘weapon.’ Meantime 5 ½ per cent!”

The Intelligencer November 27, 1917 (page 2)

“Women, the War, and the Election. This election will have an important bearing on Canada’s participation in the war. The success of the Laurier-Quebec little Canadian party means that needed reinforcements will be withheld from the brave boys in Flanders. …

The women of Belleville in common with her sisters of the nation have sacrificed their loved ones, have given their time and their money to help the great cause of freedom and are, perhaps, more closely interested, in the outcome of the war, than the men folks.

The election is a wartime election, and the votes of the women will be a big factor in determining the fate of the boys overseas and the future littleness or greatness of Canada. Who can doubt what the women will do in the light of their splendid spirit of self sacrifice during three years of war? The women of Belleville should turn out in large numbers this evening at the first woman’s election meeting ever held here, and hear the great issue discussed by Union Government speakers. Mrs. Cleveland of Toronto and others will address the meeting and there will also be a musical program. …  Come to the City Hall at 7.30 this evening.”

The Intelligencer November 27, 1917 (page 3)

“You have only four days more to buy Victory Bonds. What are you going to do about it? What excuse will you give to yourself next week if you don’t buy?

Remember:—The boys in the trenches did not make excuses—They went!”

The Intelligencer November 27, 1917 (page 8)

“WANTED. Three returned soldiers for service in the inside Post Office and Nine young men, sons or relatives of soldiers, to assist the letter carriers in Belleville Post Office during the holiday season. Wages $2 to $2.50 per day. E. Guss Porter. Robertson Block, Front St., Belleville.”

The Intelligencer November 27, 1917 (page 8)

Ernest Finkle“Former Belleville Boy Wounded. The following message refers to a former well known Belleville boy, who enlisted and went overseas with 204th Battalion of Toronto. Mrs. Anna Helen Finkle, 123 Dundas Street, Belleville, Ont.

Sincerely regret to inform you 23706 Lance Corporal Ernest Deacon Finkle, infantry, officially reported admitted to No. 9 Field Ambulance, Nov. 15th, 1917, gunshot wound in right shoulder and abdomen. Director of Records.”