100 Years Ago: Fuel Controller Gives Reasons for Shutdown, Ad for Sinclair’s, Ad for Comfort Soap, C.W.C.A. At Home, Heatless Day Observed

The Intelligencer February 9, 1918 (page 1)

“Fuel Controller Gives His Reasons. Ottawa. The following statement was issued from the office of the fuel controller: ‘On the eve of the period of heatless days, I desire to address a word to the citizens of that portion of Canada affected by these regulations, which is, in fact, that part of Canada depending entirely upon the United States for its coal supply. …

The recent cold weather and snowstorms have created a most difficult situation. Eastern Canada’s coal consumption has been greater than ever in her history. South of the line coal shipments are badly tied up, and as Canada’s coal consignments have to work their way through these congested areas, we evidently cannot hope for very prompt relief. …

Fuel consumption has now developed into an absolute necessity. …  I would urge the proper authorities in localities where emergency conditions prevail, to close all schools during the very severe weather. I feel confident that clergymen in such localities will cheerfully lead the way, and to co-operate to the extent of discontinuing week-day services and arranging joint services as far as possible.

Mayors, wardens and others in authority will perform valuable public service by impressing upon citizens the great need for rigid economy in the use of coal and the substitution of wood as far as possible. …  (Signed) C. A. Magrath, Fuel Controller.”

The Intelligencer February 9, 1918 (page 1)

Ad for Sinclair's“Sinclair’s Store Is Saving Coal. Closed All Day Saturday and Monday. Business as Usual on Tuesday. When We Will Help You Save Money!

We Have the Goods at Right Prices. Sinclair’s.”

The Intelligencer February 9, 1918 (page 3)

Ad for Comfort soap“No Premiums Now—more Soap instead. A bigger bar for you now because we are withdrawing all Premiums—due to the impossibility of getting good ones in the face of war conditions. This will be great news to many thousands who bought Comfort Soap because of its sheer merit and never saved the wrappers for premiums.

Why do we prefer to give up premiums? It pays you in war time. We’ll wait until after the war, anyhow, and see how the premiums are then. In the meanwhile, of course, all present Comfort wrappers and coupons now out in the stores will be redeemed as formerly, but understand the wrapper on the new big Comfort bar is not good for premiums.”

The Intelligencer February 9, 1918 (page 8)

“Heatless Day Observed. The order of the Fuel Controller for the closing of all stores and industries today and on Monday was observed in this city without exception. All stores except those selling food were closed all day and the grocery stores closed at noon. The barbers were allowed to do business today, but will be compelled to close on Monday.”