100 Years Ago: Approval for Five-Minute Limit to Speeches, Trinket Campaign for Soldiers

The Intelligencer March 14, 1918 (page 4)

“Say It Quick! The five-minute limit to speakers in the new Greater Production Campaign is an encouraging sign of good sense and a happy augury of success. Many men are ever on a hair-trigger ready to explode into a public speech and as a general rule could say much better in five minutes what they generally take twenty-five or more minutes to unload on a long-suffering public. Sowing the seed of Greater Production in Five-Minute Talks is a double-barrelled blessing which the public will certainly appreciate.”

The Intelligencer March 14, 1918 (page 7)

“Trinket Campaign Helps The Soldiers. Many have been the enquiries made as to the amount realized from the Trinket Campaign undertaken in this city recently. The following report, received to-day by Mrs. Williams, President of the ‘Y’s’ will be very gratifying both to the subscribers and collectors:

Hamilton, March 11, 1918. Dear Mrs. Williams:—The Belleville barrels came to hand some days ago, and have been valued at $323.67. This is perfectly splendid, showing more than double any of the places from which we have heard yet, and we congratulate you most heartily on such a valuable contribution to the fund. Yours sincerely, (Signed) A. A. Wickett.

Beside the amount specified above the collectors received $50 in cash, and donations of trinkets and money are still being sent in.”