100 Years Ago: Salvation Army Tag Day, Twenty-Five Thousand Boys Needed for Farm Work, Poster for Tag Day

The Intelligencer March 15, 1918 (page 5)

Salvation Army Tag Day Tomorrow. Buy a tag on Saturday, buy two tags, yes, buy a dozen and cheer the ladies. The boys need your help. A large percentage of the S. A. men have enlisted which is evidenced by depleted numbers at home. The local corps when conscription came had not a man left to be drafted. Mr. T. Adams, the band-master (who by the way was turned down as medically unfit) is now left with a band composed largely of boys and girls who stepped into the ranks to fill up the places of those who had gone overseas.

There are no less than 40,000 to 50,000 Salvationists under arms and in the trenches and camps of Europe. The Salvation Army officers by persevering effort and bright gospel meetings in the huts and elsewhere have led thousands to Christ, and have the support of the Great War Veterans’ Association, and who knows more about the S. A. overseas than the men who have been to the front and seen for themselves.”

The Intelligencer March 15, 1918 (page 7)

“Boys! Canada Wants You to Join Army of Farm Workers. One of Canada’s war discoveries has been the Canadian boy. …  Last year the call for food producers was heard by eight thousand city boys in Ontario alone. In 1916 nearly three thousand responded to the call of duty in the food producing fields. …  Now Canada asks her boys of teen age to bear a hand in the great fight for food. Canada wants an army of 25,000 sturdy, plucky boys of high resolve to set their hands to this work during the coming summer. Complete organization of all Canada for enrolling the boys has been effected. All boys from 15 to 19 years inclusive are eligible for this youthful army.

The work is directly under the Canada Food Board with Mr. Taylor Statten as national superintendent. Mr. Statten has for years been a leader in boys welfare work and his record of success with boys and his Y.M.C.A. work marked him as the man to handle this army of the Soldiers of the Soil.

The week from March 17 to 23 will be enrollment week throughout Canada. High school teachers, Y.M.C.A. secretaries, scoutmasters and others in close contact with boys and boy life will act as enrollment officers. …

This year, in addition to the wages the boys will earn, Canada will present to each fellow who gives three months on farm service, whether he is a city boy, or works on his father’s farm, a bronze badge of honor, which will be as truly a service medal as the one on the khaki tunic of the hero who has been over the top and is home, honorably discharged. This will be a treasured proof in years to come that the owner did his bit, according to his capacity, in the great war.”

The Intelligencer March 15, 1918 (page 10)

“Saturday, March 16th. TAG DAY. Buy a tag and help the Salvation Army along with the good work they have undertaken to do.

(The Beehive) Chas. N. Sulman.”