100 Years Ago: Poster for Employers to Replace Men with Women Workers

The Intelligencer March 27, 1918 (page 10)

“There’s No Sentiment About This—It’s a Cold-Blooded Talk to Employers. Let us be frank. More farm labour must be found.

Now, farm work is a man’s work. Any willing, intelligent man can be of great help on a farm; and besides, there ware many men working in offices, stores, warehouses and factories, in towns and cities, who because of their early training upon farms could readily go back to farm labour and become useful workers in a short time.

‘But,’ says the factory, store and warehouse employer, ‘I can’t spare men. My staff is already reduced to a minimum.’ To these employers we say, replace some of your men by women workers. OFFER WOMEN EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK.

Our faith is that Canadian women will gladly do the work of these men who ought to go on the farm, as when given an opportunity, they filled the places left by many men now overseas.

Fill out the form below, and we will undertake to get you a competent woman employee for every man you release.”