100 Years Ago: Rely on News from Canadian Press, Regulations for Serving Meat, Ad for Corby Whiskey Deliveries, Notice for Military Service Act Exempted Men, Flood Cleanup

The Intelligencer March 28, 1918 (page 1)

“ ‘Keep Cool’ Good Advice Just Now. As an inevitable accompaniment of the trying period through which we are passing, the usual rumors and canards are in circulation regarding the situation on the battlefront and every day the Intelligencer is called up by persons in all parts of Hastings county to deny reports of hundreds of thousands of Germans captured.

It is a safe rule at such a time as this to be guided by the news received at newspaper offices carrying the service of Canadian Press, Limited. Through affiliation with the service of the Associated Press, news despatches received from this source may be relied upon as accurate and up-to-the-minute. No attention should be paid to ‘inside information’ which does not appear on the bulletin boards or in the news columns, and which serves merely to stampede the public and undermine the national morale.”

The Intelligencer March 28, 1918 (page 1)

“Eight Ounces of Roast Beef Only. Ottawa. Special new and radical regulations will go into effect in eating places by order of the Canadian Food Board, some of them immediately. They include provisions that beef and veal may be served at evening meal only, and not at all on Wednesday and Friday. Pork is barred except at morning meals on Sunday, Tuesday and on Monday and Saturday.

Only one serving of meats allowed one person and portions limited to eight ounces of bacon and similar portions for other meats. The new order is very drastic and will probably be extended later to private residences.”

The Intelligencer March 28, 1918 (page 4)

“Corby Whiskey Deliveries. We wish to advise the public that all orders which may be sent to the Mail Order Houses, or direct to ourselves, will be shipped promptly on the day they are received at our warehouse. A special staff has been assigned to handle the large volume of business which is now coming in and which has increased enormously since ‘bone dry’ legislation was announced on March 14th.

We have a full assortment of packages and all orders received by us up to Saturday, 6 p.m., March 30, will be shipped before midnight of that day. In view of these circumstances our customers may rest assured that they will receive delivery of such shipments because the Express Companies are authorized by the latest Order-in-Council to deliver shipments after April 1st which have been received at the Express Office before April 1st.”

The Intelligencer March 28, 1918 (page 5)

“Military Service Act. Important Announcement to All Exempted Men and to the Public Generally. In dealing with the very large number of claims for exemption brought forward for consideration in connection with Class 1 under the Military Service Act, it has occurred, as was inevitable, that as a result of false statements and difficulties put in the way of investigation, some individuals have secured exemption whose proper place is in the Army.

It is, therefore, proposed to scrutinize carefully all exemptions granted to date in order to separate those which have been granted on false or insufficient grounds from those that are well founded.

Citizens Urged to Assist. In many instances information has been furnished by members of the public which has led to the cancellation of exemptions obtained by false or misleading statements. Further co-operation of this character is invited.”

The Intelligencer March 28, 1918 (page 7)

“Busy Cleaning Up. Merchants and others on the west side of Front street are busily engaged these days in clearing ice and rubbish from their basements and back yards. In many cases cakes of ice of considerable size were carried into basements of stores and into storehouses adjoining. The task of straightening up is by no means an easy or pleasant one.”