100 Years Ago: Great War Veterans’ Association Planning Celebration for Funds

The Intelligencer April 18, 1918 (page 5)

“Veterans Will Celebrate. The Belleville branch of the Great War Veterans’ Association purpose holding a celebration on June 3rd primarily to raise funds to carry on the very important work of the association in looking after the interests of returned soldiers and their families, but also as a ‘get-together’ day for the soldiers and their kinfolks and friends and well-wishers when everybody can ‘pack up their troubles in their old kit bags and smile, smile, smile.’

A fine program of sports will be arranged including horse races and other interesting features. The Veterans solicit the co-operation of all patriotic citizens to make the day a big success and are calling a meeting for Friday evening at eight o’clock in the Veterans’ Club rooms, Corby Building, Front street, to which is invited members of the Citizens Celebration Committee, citizens generally and horsemen in particular.”