100 Years Ago: War Excise Tax on Matches and Playing Cards, Day of Prayer for Allies, Intelligencer Offers to Publish Casualty News, Photo of Salvation Army, Clarence Brennan Returns, Russel Creighton Awarded Military Medal, Salvation Army Band, Civic Reception for Salvation Army Band

The Intelligencer June 28, 1918 (page 1)

“New Excise Stamps Effective July 1. Toronto. The war excise tax of one cent on a box of matches and eight cents on a package of playing cards goes into effect on July 1, according to instructions received at the Inland Revenue Department, Toronto. The tax on matches applies only to those manufactured or imported after April 30. This refers to playing cards also manufactured or imported after this date. …

The stamping of these matches and cards differs from the legal requirements respecting the stamping of patent medicines and perfumery. In the latter case the goods may be stamped at the time of sale to the consumer, whereas in the former all goods in stock, must be stamped without regard to the date.”

The Intelligencer June 28, 1918 (page 1)

“Day of Prayer for the Allies. The Belleville Ministerial Association, at a meeting held on Monday last, passed the following resolution:

Whereas the Dominion Government, with the concurrence and proclamation of the Governor-General of Canada, has set aside Sunday, June 30th, as a day for special prayer on behalf of the British Empire and her allied nations.

Resolved by this Ministerial Association, that it is particularly incumbent upon Christian people in time of war, to humbly and devoutly acknowledge their dependence upon Almighty God, and with confession and contrition prayerfully invoke His aid, protection and deliverance.

Therefore, the members of this association, with the utmost unanimity, earnestly and prayerfully appeal to the citizens of Belleville that with consecrated aim they respond to the call of our Government and fill the churches morning and evening, and with religious, worshipful solemnity, offer up fervent supplication unto God for the safety and welfare of the cause for which Britain and her allies are fighting. …

A union meeting at which the Riverdale Band of Toronto will lead the singing will be held at 8.30 Sunday evening on the Court House grounds, Pinnacle street. A. M. Hubly, President. D. C. Ramsay, Secretary.”

The Intelligencer June 28, 1918 (page 2)

“All Are Interested. The great battle now raging in France will no doubt touch with sorrow many Canadian homes, and messages of loved ones having been killed or wounded may be expected to reach Belleville homes. The public are interested in the brave heroes who are sacrificing so much to preserve Canada from German domination, and The Intelligencer, will publish news of casualties as soon as received if the relatives will give us the information.

Telephone or personal calls will be appreciated. ‘Phone 36.”

The Intelligencer June 28, 1918 (page 7)

“Deseronto Soldier Returns. The members of St. Vincent de Paul’s Church, Deseronto, held a reception for Corporal Clarence Brennan, who has just returned after three years’ service on the western front. An address and a well-filled purse were presented to him, after which an entertaining evening was spent.

Corporal Brennan was but 16 years of age when he enlisted. He served with the artillery of Passchendale. All the members of his battery were either killed or wounded, and although suffering from wounds himself, the relief corps found him attempting to ease the sufferings of his unfortunate companions. He was awarded the Military Medal for bravery and devotion to duty.

Three brothers are in France now. Corporal Brennan was invalided home on account of wounds.”

The Intelligencer June 28, 1918 (page 7)

“Awarded Military Medal. Russel Creighton, formerly of Bancroft village, in a letter to his mother, Mrs. E. D. Creighton, of Peterboro, conveys the pleasing intelligence that he has been awarded the Military Medal. He was wounded on the 4th of March, and was recommended for the medal the same day.”

The Intelligencer June 28, 1918 (page 7)

“Visiting Bandsmen. On Saturday at 5.40 p.m. the S. A. Silver Band of Riverdale, Toronto will arrive via G. T. R. A reception will be accorded them at the depot by the G. W. V. A., patriotic societies, S. A. Home League, Boy Scouts and the city band. At 6 p.m. a civic reception will be given the band by Mayor Platt, on the Court House grounds.

Sunday 10.45 a.m. service will be held at the S. A. Citadel in charge of Capt. and Mrs. Parsons, and at 2.45 p.m. a sacred program of music will be given in the opera house by the band. Major Ponton will be in the chair, supported by some of the leading citizens. At 6.45 p.m. a service will be held in the opera house. The band will play The Dead March in Saul, out of respect to the late Nurse Bessie Humphreys. At 8.30 p.m. a united mass prayer service will be held on the Court House grounds, Rev. A. M. Hubly presiding. The band will play the hymns.”

The Intelligencer June 28, 1918 (page 7)

“Civic Reception. The Court House grounds have been placed at the disposal of the local Salvation Army Corps for the civic reception to be accorded the visiting bandsmen from Toronto, who arrive in Belleville tomorrow afternoon from Toronto. A procession will be formed at the Fire Station on Front Street East, opposite the Fire Station, with the Great War Veterans, Boy Scouts, City Band and others, who with the visitors will parade to the Court House grounds, where Mayor Platt will extend the keys of the city to the visiting musical Salvationists.

Monday morning if suitable arrangements can be made the visiting bandsmen will visit the aviation camps before leaving at 11.40 for Cobourg, where they will give concerts on the holiday.”