100 Years Ago: Most Disabled Soldiers Making Good, Successful Garden Party

The Intelligencer July 6, 1918 (page 3)

“Returned Disabled Soldiers Nearly All Making Good. Toronto. Mr. Fred Holmes of the Invalided Soldiers’ Commission addressed a joint meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Ontario section, and the Engineering Institute of Canada, Toronto branch, at the Engineers’ Club on ‘The Training of Disabled Soldiers in the Industries.’ He described the advantage that has already accrued to many returned disabled soldiers by re-education in industry. …

It would pay the Government, he said, inside of five years to spend $20,000,000 on this work, by the saving in pensions, and the advantage to the men would be incalcuable. Eighty to ninety per cent of the men made good, and with the remainder it was largely a question of patience and experiment.”

The Intelligencer July 6, 1918 (page 7)

“Successful Garden Party. A very successful garden party was held on the lawn of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. O’Flynn east Bridge street yesterday afternoon and last evening in the interests of the Red Cross and Patriotic Association. The grounds were tastefully decorated with flags and bunting, and at the entrance, and in prominent places in the decorations the American flag was in evidence.

A large variety of flowers in the terraces, consisting of roses, pansies, sweet peas, forget-me-nots, primroses, were greatly admired by the guests and added to the beauty of the scene. Tea and refreshments were served and the head table was presided over by Mrs. (Col.) Lazier, President of the Association, and Mrs. E. Guss Porter. The table of homemade cooking was in charge of Mrs. Boyes, with a splendid group of assistants, and the demand for the homemade products was so great that the stock was entirely disposed of.

The flower tables were in charge of Miss Corby, Miss Ida Thompson, Miss Kelso and Miss Rathbun. The many beautiful flowers were artistically arranged and very much admired by the many who were present and were sold for the benefit of our boys overseas. The ice cream table was in charge of Mrs. J. A. Borbridge and an able band of assistants, and they were the hardest worked ladies on the ground. The fish pond was an attractive corner of the ground and Mrs. Waddell, Mrs. Horie, Miss Corbett and Miss Newton, who so successfully managed it, was ample proof of its success.

The day was an ideal one ‘just enough shadow to temper the light of the sun.’ A pleasant feature of the afternoon was the presentation of certificates of life membership in the Red Cross Society from the members of the Red Cross and Patriotic Association to Miss Annie Hurley, the secretary, and Miss Clara Yeomans, the treasurer. The presentation was made by Mrs. (Col.) Lazier and Mrs. (Dr.) Yeomans.

In the evening the band of the 15th Battalion, A.L.I., furnished a program of music and the decorations, flowers and music, together with the tables and many things presented a beautiful and animated scene.

The playing of God Save the King at 9.30 brought to a close one of the most successful garden parties held by the association.”