100 Years Ago: Food Budget for Family of Five, Hastings County Crop Report, Soldiers’ Aid Commission Branch in Stirling

The Intelligencer July 26, 1918 (page 6)

Food budget for family of five

“One Week’s Budget for a family of five. 1. 40 lbs. Potatoes. 2. 10 lbs. Flours. 3. 14 lbs. Fruit. 4. 7 quarts whole milk. 5. 2 lbs. Butter or fats. 6. 3 lbs. Sugar. 7. Meat & meat substitutes.”

The Intelligencer July 26, 1918 (page 7)

“Hastings County Raising Clover. Hastings County has swung into the sweet clover column, says District Representative McIntosh of Stirling. This movement into Hastings began three or four years ago, and there are hundreds of acres in this crop there now. This has proved satisfactory both as a hay and pasture crop and as a soil builder. Hay crops are fair, but there will not be as many hay stacks in Hastings this year as there were last. Grain crops are looking splendid, and even corn is in a fair condition. Buckwheat shows a considerable increase in acreage. Spring wheat has also been more largely sown than usual. The fruit crop will be a very light one in the county, hundreds of apple and pear trees having been killed last winter.”

The Intelligencer July 26, 1918 (page 7)

“Branch Formed in Stirling. A branch of the Soldiers’ Aid Commission of Ontario, has been formed in the Village of Stirling. The chief object of the Association is to take care of and find employment for members of Canadian Expeditionary who have returned to our Municipality.

The officers selected were L. Meiklejohn, chairman; Geo. H. Luery, vice chairman; J. S. Morton, secretary treasurer; finance committee: Dr. Bissonette, J. S. Morton, R. P. Coulter, R. A. Elliott; employment committee: the chairman, vice chairman, Dr. Bissonnette, G. E. Kennedy, E. T. Williams.”