100 Years Ago: Women Like Railway Work, Ad for Purity Oats

The Intelligencer July 27, 1918 (page 3)

“Women Enthusiastic About Railway Work. Toronto. ‘I tell you as how we have a decent few around here, but we need them all if we are to send enough boys over to keep the old flag flying,’ declared a bright little Englishwoman as she stepped aboard Sir George Bury’s private car which arrived at the Union Station this morning.

When seen by The Star the speaker was attired in a trim uniform of khaki and carried her cleaning paraphernalia with her. She commenced to polish up the brass work with a will, while a veritable bevy of khaki clad women followed in her trail carrying mops, dusters, brushes and pails with which to clean the car. …  Several long trains had been thoroughly cleaned since the morning hour and were standing in readiness for their next trip. …

‘You see we clean up these cars every day. …  When we came to Canada we applied for these jobs but the men only laughed so we went into munitions work. It wasn’t long before they needed our assistance however, and now they have 52 women on the cleaning jobs.’ …

‘I believe they have about 15 girls in the engine repair department, too. The Grand Trunk haven’t been as aggressive as our company along this line, as they have only 21 girls in their employ and they are in the locomotive section.”

The Intelligencer July 27, 1918 (page 6)

Ad for Purity Oats

“Save Food for our Allies. Canadian Food Control. License Nos. Flour 15, 16, 17, 18. Cereal 2-009.

Bake Your Bread Cake and Pastry from Purity Oats. Wheat-Saving Recipes Mailed Free.

Western Canada Flour Mills, Co. Limited, Head Office, Toronto.”