100 Years Ago: Food Board Recommends Jam, Lieut. John Gordon Murray a Prisoner of War

The Intelligencer July 29, 1918 (page 1)

“Food Board Flashes For Feminine Folk. The latest reports from the British Ministry of Food indicate that there will be a serious shortage of jam in Britain this year. Here is a chance for Canadian women to help by using all the fruit they can and by making preserves of wild berries whenever they are able to secure them. The more jam used the more butter and canned goods will be saved for export.

Jam is on the soldier’s ration list and he must not be deprived of this what ever happens. Besides providing a sweet the sugar is extremely essential in his fare and adds to his energy and all-round efficiency.

Ordinarily too much sugar is used in the making of jam. A pound of sugar to a pound of fruit is the old-fashioned theory and it is a wrong one. Three-quarters of a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit makes better jam, while half a pound is sufficient where the fruit is extra sweet.”

The Intelligencer July 29, 1918 (page 5)

“A Prisoner of War. Some time ago a message was received in this city that Lieut. J. G. Murray, son of Mr. J. W. Murray, manager of the Dominion Bank in this city, was missing. In to-day’s casualty list his name appears among the prisoners of war.”