100 Years Ago: Royal Canadian Air Service, All Are Interested

The Intelligencer August 9, 1918 (page 1)

“Royal Canadian Air Service. Ottawa. Hon. A. K. Maclean, Acting Minister of the Department of the Naval Service, has announced the formation of the Royal Canadian Air Service. This organization will come under the direction of the Naval Department, and has for its primary object the defence of Canada’s coasts but men enlisting in the Air Force will be liable for service outside the Dominion if necessary. …

It was stated at the Department to-day that pilots for seaplanes, airplanes and kite balloons were required immediately in connection with the organization. Only young men, British-born, or naturalized British subjects, between the ages of 17 ½ and 26, and in the highest medical category, will be accepted. …  Seaplane cadets, it is stated will be trained in the United States this winter, and airship cadets will be sent to England for training. The Naval Department is now open to receive applicants from young men with the necessary qualifications who wish to enter as pilots in the air service.”

The Intelligencer August 9, 1918 (page 8)

“All Are Interested. The great battle now raging in France will no doubt touch with sorrow many Canadian homes, and messages of loved ones having been killed or wounded may be expected to reach Belleville homes. The public are interested in the brave heroes who are sacrificing so much to preserve Canada from German domination, and The Intelligencer will publish news of casualties as soon as received if the relatives will give us the information.

Telephone or personal calls will be appreciated. ‘Phone 36.”