100 Years Ago: Victory Celebration on Monday the 12th, Ad for Goodrich Tires, James Marshall Receives Military Medal

The Intelligencer August 10, 1918 (page 1)

“Victory Celebration Monday Evening. In view of the great allied victories which have changed the whole aspect of the war and thrilled the allied world with the assurance of ultimate victory and early peace Mayor Platt is arranging for a civic celebration Monday evening in which all citizens can express their joy as loudly as they wish. The band will furnish patriotic music and an appropriate program will be arranged.

Turn out and bury forever all traces of pessimism in a glorious new faith in the unconquerable spirit of British heroes and the unfailing justice of the Great God of Battles.”

The Intelligencer August 10, 1918 (page 3)

Advert for Goodrich Tires

“Best in the Long Run. Every Inch a Soldier. Veteran of road travel, tried and true as the veteran of war, is the Goodrich Silvertown Cord Tire.

It has seen active service, and has always seen it through with victory and honor. In peace or war, it is a tire of Goodrich SERVICE VALUE, rendering the utmost comfort, economy, dependability and mileage to the motorist on his car and on the road.

Its war service is real. Ambulances today are carrying the wounded with less pain for being equipped with the tires of LESS jolt and jar—

Aviators, finding the Spiral-Wrapped, Cable-Cord tire saves their machines from shock, have adopted Silvertowns for war planes.

The Belleville Vulcanizing Agency Exclusive Agents, 11 Moira St. Phone 661.”

The Intelligencer August 10, 1918 (page 7)

James Marshall

“Bravery of Pte. Marshall. The following letter has been received by Mrs. C. A. Gibson, 72 Victoria Avenue, from Divisional Military Headquarters at Kingston, in regard to the Military Medal awarded a relative of hers, Pte. J. Marshall, for outstanding bravery:

Kingston, Aug. 9, 1918. To Mrs. C. A. Gibson, 72 Victoria Avenue, Belleville, Ont. Military Medal, No. 300390 Pte. J. Marshall, Returned soldier.

Dear Madam:—I am this date in receipt of your letter and as requested the Military Medal awarded the marginally soldier is enclosed herewith under registered cover, for safe keeping until his return.

The General Officer commanding the district, in forwarding this decoration desires me to express the greatest appreciation for the services of this gallant soldier, and I am also directed by the Honorable the Minister, to express his most sincere personal appreciation for the services of so brave a man.

On my behalf, please accept my sincerest compliments that you are a relative of so brave a man. Yours very sincerely, Harry A. Hunt, Lieut. Colonel, A. A. G. Military District, No. 3.”