100 Years Ago: Poster for Soldiers of the Soil, Jack Wallbridge Returns

The Intelligencer March 22, 1918 (page 5)

“200,000 Soldiers Can Be Fed By 25,000 Boys. A boy, working on a farm, can produce, every day, food sufficient to feed eight soldiers—estimating that a boy does half the work of a man.

The 25,000 boys wanted for the S.O.S. Soldiers of the Soil could feed 200,000 Canadian soldiers every day. That would, indeed, be work well done—for there is desperate need of food overseas.

Farm work is not an easy job to tackle. It will test your mettle. But no real Canadian boy, who has any brothers, relatives or friends overseas, will hesitate about going on the farm and ‘doing his bit’ in this grave emergency.

Canada Food Board, Ottawa. Pack the Farm Battalions—From the Front Rank to the Rear.”

The Intelligencer March 22, 1918 (page 7)

“Youthful Warrior Returns. Private Jack Wallbridge, youngest son of Mrs. John Wallbridge, Massassaga, is home from the front. He enlisted in the 254th Quinties Own Battalion, Belleville, December, 1916. Transferred as a volunteer to the 243rd Highland Battalion, Kingston. Left for overseas April, 1917. He was drafted from the 5th Canadian Reserve Battalion into France in August, served three months in the front line as a bomber, also as stretcher bearer, during the Passchendaele battle.

Private Wallbridge was recalled by his family, owing to his extreme youth being only sixteen years of age. He is now awaiting his discharge, and will continue to serve his country in the greater food production at his home on the farm.”