100 Years Ago: Poster for Registration, Salvation Army Silver Band to Arrive, Christ Church Intercession Service

The Intelligencer June 26, 1918 (page 5)

Poster for registration

“While the War Lasts Registration is to be Continuous.

Persons Attaining Age of Sixteen; Those Discharged from Active Service; Those Who Fail to Register on June 22nd; Penalties Provided; Notice of Marriage; Notice of Change of Address; Lost or Worn-Out Certificates.

All registrants likely to be affected by the above regulations are recommended to clip and file this announcement for future reference as it will not appear again.

Issued by authority of Canada Registration Board.”

The Intelligencer June 26. 1918 (page 7)

“40 Bandsmen Coming. Word has reached the city that there will be forty in the Salvation Army silver band arriving here on Saturday evening at 5.40 via G.T.R. This includes the officers in charge, Capt. and Mrs. P. J. Parsons of Toronto. As a number of these men are returned soldiers, it is expected that the heads of all patriotic bodies will take part in the reception.

In addition to cars provided for about fifty by the G. W. V. A. cars will be required for about seventy-five others, including sixty members of the Women’s Home League of the Salvation Army. These wives, daughters and sisters of men overseas wish to have a part in the welcome to the returned army bandsmen, and if any citizen having a car would phone Adjt. Trickey at 813, he would be very grateful.”

The Intelligencer June 26, 1918 (page 7)

“Intercession Service. A large number were present at the intercession service held last evening in Christ Church. These services are held regularly in Christ Church conducted by Rev. Rural Dean Swayne, for the boys overseas.”